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When we got our first rhubarb leather, we were more than satisfied. The quality of the leather, its look and feel really inspired us.

Anne Gorke (Designer)

rhabarberleder - the chromium-free alternative

The starting point for the development of rhabarberleder (rhubarb leather) was the search for an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional chrome tanning.


For several years we have focused intensely on the solution. We tested several rhubarb genotypes for their suitability, optimized cultivation requirements and developed an innovative tanning extract.


With this and without the addition of environmentally harmful chromium compounds, we can produce a vegetable-leather, that meets the highest standards of quality, sustainability and versatility. 

fields of application

automotive & yacht

interieur & living room design

fashion & accessoires

recent projects

biologically leather coating

The focus of our research is implementing an environmentally friendly coating method for our rhubarb leather.

sustainably widen the portfolio

To improve the value chain more efficiently, we are developing an exclusive natural cosmetic line based on rhubarb ingredients.

own collections



Der Coutdown zur FASHION WEEK BERLIN hat begonnen und wir freuen uns, dass zahlreiche tolle Proukte aus RHABARBERLEDER gezeigt werden. Neben unserer eigenen DEEPMELLO-Kollektion wird auch ALINASCHUERFELD großartige Schuhe aus RHABARBERLEDER im GREENSHOWROOM präsentieren. Die Messe ist für Fachbesucher vom 04.07.- 06.07. (Funkhaus Berlin) geöffnet. Wir freuen uns auf viele Besucher!


The countdown for the FASHION WEEK BERLIN has begun and we are pleased that a lot of great products made from RHUBARB LEATHER will be on the show. Beside our own DEEPMELLO collection also great shoes from ALINASCHUERFELD will be presented at the GREENSHOWROOM. For visitors , the fair is open from 04.07. - 06.07. (Funkhaus Berlin).

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