Type of leather: rhababerleder (rhubarb leather) nappa-used

Tanning: vegetable, chromium free

Coloring: free of azo- and heavy metal-containing dyes

Surface: silky glossy; noble look with a soft feel

Thicknesses: 0.8 mm - 1.0 mm and 1.4 mm - 1.8 mm

Custom-made: possible from 0.5 mm

Size: 5 sqm - 6 sqm

Production: 100% Made in Germany

Guidelines: Manufacture according to 'IVN Natural Leather Directive'

Like all collections, the rhabarberleder of the "NAPPA" collection is produced according to the strict guidelines of the International Association of Natural Textile Industry (IVN) and the European Foundation for Allergy Research (ECARF).


We continue to develop the spectrum of our colors and leather surfaces in order to create new trends and to revive classics. And on request, we also realize customer's own color requirements.


used - black

nappa used

used - mocca

nappa used

used - grey

nappa used

used - taupe

nappa used

used - cognac

nappa used

used - wine

nappa used

used - coral

nappa used

used - nut

nappa used

used - violet

nappa used

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