We have made the conventional tanning process more environmentally friendly and now we want to establish our rhubarb leather as a sustainable and innovative material in various lifestyle areas. We want sustainable fashion, durable interiors, functional accessories and eco-conscious cars with rhubarb leather seats.

In addition, we want to show people the enormous potential of a single plant, the importance of environmental protection, education, science, commitment and enthusiasm for a cause and how worthy and ephemeral our nature is.


For this reason, it is enormously important to us that we integrate many regional companies, thus conserving natural resources and sustainably strengthening our business location.


This begins with the cultivation of rhubarb and goes beyond leather tanning to design and subsequent production.


Since our path has also gone from the scientific vision into the economy, we want to motivate and support young entrepreneurs with good ideas and visions, and together make the world a little better.


Meet our team

rhubarb technology GmbH 

Karl-Heine-Str. 44

04229 Leipzig


+49 163 - 78 45 168

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