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Dr. Anne-Christin Bansleben


Founder / CEO






Anne-Christin Bansleben studied Nutritional Sciences and worked several years in research on the subject of phytochemicals. In 2011 she received her doctorate in the exciting field of flavoring analytics. She is the director of rhubarb technology GmbH.

David Bansleben

Founder / Technology & Innovation



David Bansleben also studied Nutritional Sciences. He worked for several years as a scientist at various product developments and is co-founder of several start-ups. He is responsible for the development of rhubarb leather, as well as new innovations.

Prof. Dr. Ingo Schellenberg

Founder / Professor for Biochemie & Consulting



Since 1995 Ingo Schellenberg is working as a university professor at the Hochschule Anhalt. His passions are phytochemicals and their exciting application possibilities. He is active in leading scientific committees and is also a founding member.

Doreen Meissner

Sales / Quality Management



Doreen Meißner is another ecotrophologist in our team. She has already worked as a scientist in plant analytics as well as in quality assurance and sales development. At deepmello's she is responsible for rhubarb leather sales as well as quality management matters.

Our team is supported by reliable partners to which belong for example, a tannery, academic institutions, designers and financial advisors.

our vision

We want to establish our rhubarb leather as a natural and innovative material in different lifestyle areas. We want sustainable, design-oriented eco-couture, modern and high-class interior and beautiful accessories. And since the rhubarb ingredients also possess excellent properties in the area of skin protection / skin care a natural cosmetic line will complete our portfolio in the near future.


Furthermore we want to show the enormous potential of a single plant, the importance of environmental protection, education, science, commitment and enthusiasm for a certain matter. And of course, as worthy of protection and unfortunately ephemeral our nature is.


Not least for this reason it is extremely important that we involve many regional companies, thus conserve natural resources and strengthen sustainably our business location. This begins with the cultivation of rhubarb and goes beyond the leather tanning to the product design.


Since our way has led from a scientific vision to economy, we want to encourage and support young entrepreneurs with good ideas and visions to make the world a little better together.

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