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The automotive and yacht building are equally characterized by high customer expectations for product and workmanship quality, longevity and the strong desire and the constant search for individuality and the special in life.


Moreover, there is an increasing desire for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions as well as new functionality.


With seats and small parts made of our organic leather, high-quality and individual solutions can be offered, which also meet the high requirements in the car or yacht interior with regard to technical parameters.


In addition, rhabarberleder is a real eye-catcher on all "show and customized cars" at the fairs of this world.


Hardly any area is so strongly influenced by cult objects and classics as the furniture and interior design.


The basis is always high-quality materials, which then crafted by craftsmanship perfectly produce the individual character of each piece.


Furniture made of and with rhabarberleder reinterprets the approach and, in addition to the high quality of the material, also brings along the attribute of sustainability, which usually plays a rather subordinate role in classic designer furniture.


With rhubarb leather furniture, the uniqueness of each skin is preserved and the naturalness ensures pleasant functionality and a healthy living environment.


Due to its very good breath-ability and the particularly pleasant feel and comfort rhabarberleder is ideal for fashion and accessories collections.


By eliminating chromium in the tanning rhubarb leather also have no allergenic properties, which is particularly important for sensitive people, babies and toddlers of importance.


This is also important for all products with direct skin contact, such as light summer shoes, leather gloves or bags.


Rhubarb leathers are particularly interesting for high-quality collections whose customers are characterised by the modern zeitgeist and who appreciate the individuality and longevity of a product far away from the uniform mass-produced goods.

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